Who was Farkhunda Malikzada?

A 27 year old with an educational background in Islamic Sharia law.

On 19 March 2015, Farkhunda was on her way to her Quran class when she became involved in an altercation with a street vendor. On refusing to purchase a taweez (a religious trinket with inscriptions from the Quran), the street vendor accused her of blasphemy, an accusation which provoked the shocking mob lynching which followed.

During the frenzied attack, Farkhunda was repeatedly stamped on, beaten and stoned. She was dragged through the streets of Kabul, run over by a car and her clothes torn from her body. She was then thrown off a wall and finally her battered body was set alight. Many people, including police officials, witnessed this horrific attack but no one made any attempt to intervene or question the allegation of blasphemy.

“When our daughter left the house that day, who could imagine that something like this would happen?” says Farkhunda’s mother; “our daughter was a good person, a good Muslim and she didn’t deserve this, no one does”.

Monument In Farkhunda’s Memory Unveiled – Thursday 17th March
A monument built in memory of Farkhunda, the 27-year-old woman killed by an angry mob in Kabul last year, was unveiled on Thursday – to mark the one year anniversary of the heinous crime.
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